A windy day

We have a thinking mat at the front door, you might call it a metaphoric thinking mat since it was left outside the door recently and now it belongs to the dogs. On that thinking mat, you have to think of what you might need running out the door for the day ahead. It came about as I worried the children would inherit their mothers’ talent for misplacing things namingly, keys, wallet, glasses, hat. It is also a vain attempt to organize three young boys getting out the door in the morning.

Right, out the door, onto the thinking mat. Do you have lunch boxes, lunch bags, drinks, hats, coats? Yes, Mum. Right, straight into the car.

Opening the door you have to stand back this time of the year as in through the door comes a storm that has been building from somewhere mid Atlantic and blows full force in our front door. Windy you say? Grab the baby. We pay in Winter here in North Kerry for the summer’s day by the beach. In full.

On such a day, I carry or sometimes push each boy to the car. Go on, run. Tie yourself in. You too, go on, run. You can tie yourself in. Where’s your hat? Oh for Gods sake, what about the thinking mat? And where’s your lunch box, tie the baby in. Close the door, you’ll freeze. Hurry up and sit back so that I can tie you in, I’m catching my death here. Ok, tie yourself in and I’ll get the hat and what else? Oh yeah, lunchbox. Did you not brush your teeth? Didn’t I tell you to brush your teeth? Go on upstairs and brush them. You want a tissue? Code orange storm warning people. Okay, get in so and tie your belt and his. Zip up your jacket. Use your hanky. Where did you leave it? What will these boys come to if they can’t put a hat on their heads. Don’t have the time to worry about that now.

Right, Off we go? Whose bike is that in the drive? Didn’t I tell ye to park your bikes last night. I’ll go. At this point, there might be a little rain dance outside the car as the mother of the house ‘says a few prayers’. Calm restored, are ye all tied in? Ok so. Off we go. A rainy, windy, miserable day in a farmhouse in North Kerry. Thinking mat how are ya!



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