Still life

But for the humming of the fridge and the odd bellow outside, there is silence. The older boys are in school, the younger in a soft sleep. Through the window, winter gets on with it’s resting as grass slows down in growth and the fields take on a lighter green and in places yellow in it’s sleeping state. The tractor is parked, the parlour is empty, the cows are chewing on the mornings’ feed.

There is silence but for the humming fridge and the fingers tapping on the keyboard. At some point, the mind will up and at ’em at the washing up and the washing machine, the thoughts of lunch and dinner. For now, there is absolute quiet in the world. No ‘what happened?’ or ‘what will happen next?’, not for me the witty share in social media. Just this quiet, still moment painting the day clear.

From this place of quiet, there is less ambiguity. There is just good and bad. None of it in my control or yours I’m afraid.  I’ll be up soon and see the gate that was not painted, the Christmas list unfilled, the cupboard that needs cleaning, the little child that needs playing with. But I’m so happy to be here for this window of calm that colours the world lighter pastels for now. A door bangs, I hear the clock and stretch the creaky winter bones, glad of my rest with the winter day that lends me its quiet.


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