Ten ways

For the days you’ve lost the plot, can’t find the remote, need to pay more attention to your spouse, redecorate your bathroom or play with your kids, there are always ten ways;

  • Ten ways to keep all your children entertained at the same time
  • Ten ways to tell your children to ‘stop jumping on the couch’
  • Ten ways to spend more time with your spouse
  • Ten ways to cook minced beef
  • Ten ways to give the middle child more attention
  • Ten ways to use leftover pizza dough to entertain the children
  • Ten ways to stop reading blogs that make you feel inadequate as a mother
  • Ten ways to occupy the children while you’re trying to cook the minced dinner
  • Ten ways to keep your sanity when they’re all crying at once
  • Ten ways for you to keep calm when you just want to roar at them to ‘keep quiet’
  • Ten ways to use alternative words to ‘don’t
  • Ten ways to relax once they’ve gone to bed
  • Ten ways not to eat the contents of the fridge
  • Ten ways to make the most of your evening
  • Ten ways to get ready for the next morning
  • Ten ways to stop reading advice on childrearing and to use your own mothering instinct
  • Ten ways to start afresh each day
  • Ten ways to count your blessings

I’ve lost count.  I might just be starting a new trend.

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