September 23rd 2015

There’s only one place for boys who have feasted on birthday cake and sweets of an afternoon; the outdoors. Late September provides them with the playground that pacifies all their senses. Waylaid from their evening escursion to bring in the cows, they meet another intrepid adventurer on the way to see a haunted house with his brother and abandon the trip to the cows.

I walk with the still young boys on their adventure aware that I’ll not accompany them for much longer on these trips, they speak with animation of rat-holes, goblins, ghosts and thorns making their way through the briars guarding their haunted house. As I eavedrop, I know that imagination will accompany them on as they create the story in their minds that will colour their evenings chat.

At the farmgate, they wave goodbye to their neighbour and fellow ghost buster and head down to help Dad bring in the cows. ‘Bye so Mom’, ‘I’ll have the dinner ready so, mind your brother.’ ‘See ya later.’ ‘Be careful.’ ‘Right so.’

Off they walk into the crisp late September evening as I watch them take to their next adventure. Off they go, I think as wonder what to make for supper all too aware that they’ll take it more and more themselves from here.

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