Wellies to fill?

imageYou see this little foot? Already there’s a pile of mixed up wellies at the front door for him to try. The ones with the yellow diggers or the what once were bright blue ones, the crocodile ones, the red motorcycle ones, the ones you can put on yourself, the ones just like daddy’s, the cross and bone ones, the good ones, the ones for the creamery, the ones that Conor left behind, the ones that Sam chewed, the duck ones. He might need a hand putting on the first pair but after that he’s on his own as he graduates from pair to pair, adventure to mucky adventure, from bigger brother to small and then smallest. His mommy might take a breathe this time to see her littlest move on from welly to welly, keeping an eye on this little one’s growth or then again maybe not. Life has moved so fast and I have tripped over, matched up, searched for, hosed down enough pairs of little boy wellies to know that while we should take the chance to see our little boys growing, this everyday farming life sometimes gets in the way.  It hood winks us into a tunnel vision that means we don’t always slow down enough to just watch them blossom into lovely young boys and in time handsome young men. But what wellies to fill! What adventures to be had. No puddle will escape, every fence will be climbed, he’ll make his own holes, wear down his own soles, scream loudly on falling, laugh wildly on sliding, and with the help of God, follow safely in the footsteps of the one who goes before. Yes, these little feet have work to do, so let us get our rest my darling son, readying ourselves for the adventure ahead. These are the little feet of Anthony Brosnan, he has been named after another favourite Anthony of mine, my lovely Dad. These are the feet of the newest love of my life and I am one lucky girl in wellies.

4 thoughts on “Wellies to fill?

  1. Noirin

    It’s their little feet that get me every time too, Anne! Lucky little Anthony to be so loved already and to have so many wonderful adventures ahead of him 😉 x


  2. Lorna

    Yay, he arrived! Many congrats and hope all is well with you both. It must be if you are blogging. Delighted to hear all is well with the new little wellie wearer. Lots of willing hands to help milk the cows over the next few years 🙂

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  3. Tara O' Kelly

    Congratulations on the arrival of baby Anthony. There’s a whole lotta stories yet to unfold. Good luck and kind Regards Tara xxx

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