What would a cow do?

In fairness to the man, over three pregnancies, he has managed not to compare me too often to a cow. Calm down, not size wise, although…. No, seriously, big mammal, carrying, labouring, delivery wise. He could have. I see the obvious analogies myself. Now that I’m six days overdue, I’m skirting around the topic. Well now, if I were a cow, for example, would I be restless, a bit skittish. Would I, as a cow forsooth, be feeling a bit cranky around the bull for example? Would I be listening to the other cows telling me that although they are not yet due, they’ve had their babies, I mean calves, in their sleep and would I be feeling a little bit jealous? Would every cow in the parlour be telling me that ‘baby will come in it’s own time?’ and would this be leaving me feeling a little bit irritable, If I were a cow that is?

Really, I feel like the last cow of the year to calf, every other cow has gone before me, a fuss has been made and now because the weather has improved, I can be left alone in a grassy corner of a field to birth away whenever nature dictates. Has mother nature forgotten me? Ah, Mother Nature, I’m a gemini, I need a bit of fuss, and a bit more movement in the childbirth department, and Mother Nature, just so you know, no-one puts Girl in Wellies in a grassy corner…

4 thoughts on “What would a cow do?

  1. Lorna

    Hope it happens for you soon. I went 12 days over with my first and remember it well. My second surprised me by coming 3 weeks early. 5 weeks difference in their gestation!
    If you were a cow, the farmer might be blaming the bull for having longer gestation calves ;0)

    Good luck, hope it happens for you today and all goes well x



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