For one of those smiles

I really would walk a million miles for one of those smiles. These days it seems you have to. I imagine if I was an employer, I’d make it my business to employ only people with big beautiful genuine smiles. Because they’re the winners. You know the ones; the real humdingers, wide on the face, honest, trusting. I love them. People don’t give them out liberally anymore. Not in shops, not on the street, not in ordinary cafes. Indeed, smiling seems to be a five star experience. No fair. Why do I have to pay extra for a smile? It seems like honesty and kindness (two whole other blog posts), they’re no longer a given.

I’m lucky in life to be surrounded in ‘the inner circle’ with smilers and am most privileged. But why should it be a privilege and when did everyone stop smiling? Have they? I once, as a student, had the best job, I worked in a well known tourist store in Blarney, Co. Cork as a Sales Assistant. I smiled all day. Selling tweed jackets although I knew nothing about it, I was proud to be Irish and welcoming visitors and chatting to them all day. I smiled because I knew I was doing my bit for my country and because that’s what I do and it was loved and appreciated all summer long and I had so much fun. I know, Polllyaaaaaaaanna. But get past it. Stop being cynical and I’m saying that to myself more than to you, and start smiling and expecting that smile in return. There a few things as fabulous.  Go on, give us a smile.

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