Growthy, Growth, Growth

This my friends is a good day to be a farmer. During the winter and long Spring, on a bad day, we spread fertilizer and watched as it washed away. On another such a bad day, or many of them, we watched as the slurry tower filled up and up with rainwater upon rainwater upon slurry. The cows, have only in the last few weeks, made it out by day and night. The silage field had to be opened (the fields kept aside for providing the grass for winter silage) to let the cows graze on. We had to walk the cows back to graze on the furthest fields from the house (our thanks to very very patient neighbours) but the good news if only for today is that there is warmth, a little mist, and growth at last. You can even see the grass wave in the warm May breeze. Phew.

We’re not drowning the grass says, just waving. At long last. And long, long, long may it last and grow and grow and grow.

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