On Women

Are you working?

No, I’m at home? Are you working?

Yes, I am full-time, I feel guilty, the kids spend a long time with the childminder. But you know, someone has to save for their college bills.

I suppose. I will go back to work someday. Soon. It’s hard.

It’s really hard. Most of my wages go on childcare. And they hate going.

I wonder if I’m doing it right. Staying at home. Somedays, I think I’m losing the ability to communicate and socialize with others. I love your outfit.

I wish I didn’t have to dress up every day.

I wish I didn’t have to wear the same pair of jeans around the house every day.

And as for housework. I have a full day of work when I get home in the evenings.

I hate housework. It’s all I seem to do. I get frustrated and bored.

I wish someone did something to improve the lives of the amazing women I have in my life who torture themselves playing the same scripts over and over.

We do our best. Be good to yourself woman, not just today on International Women’s Day. Pledge to be better to yourself and other women. Respect her choices. Respect yours. It’s not over yet.





3 thoughts on “On Women

    1. Marie-T

      Very true description/picture of the perpetual dilemma of women: going out to work or staying to work at home… A totally different style of writing for this piece. Very appropriate. I enjoyed it very much!

      Liked by 2 people


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