I’m feeling lazy. Too lazy to type. Too lazy to pull myself out of Winter to what’s to come. There are busy days ahead. Yawn. Busy, busy days. But it’s so cold. He’ll have to go out on the farm again. Stretch. And leave me alone. Yikes. With the children. At breakfast, dinner, bedtime, bath-time, story-time, schooltime. I better get up. And attack it, this coming Spring business. Or maybe we’ll have one more cup of time before hibernation ends. That’s more like it Winter, five more minutes rest before I hear that first cow bellow the arrival of the season’s first calf. One last chocolate biscuit so before our ‘holiday’s’ over and the new working year starts. Delicious lazy winter; Goodbye.

5 thoughts on “Stretch

  1. The Hedgeblog

    Everything you write is so fascinating to me! I don’t know why. You write so delightfully, and I think I am also a little homesick!

    Hope you are feeling a little less sluggish now that Spring is around the corner! Ish!! ­čśÇ

    Lots of love from the lazy hedgehog xx



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