Just a Spring Day

It’s just a Spring day on an ordinary Dairy farm in North Kerry. Farming wise, we’re on the threshold of the year. You need not react to anything the sky bestows on you as it has this year’s farming faith in her hands. Last week it rained and rained and the cows stayed in, the land was wet and we knew we needed a couple of good, dry weeks.

Low and behold, she turned, April has come and brought with her some fine weather. Drying the fields weather. I dare not type it. It’s fine weather. We know, April could throw anything at us yet but sur’ we’re ready. We’ve been here in all states of Grace, smiling, knowingly. The farmer himself, being of Hearthill, is more adept at not reacting to the weather, his wife on the other hand wills it to be and then it is or it isn’t.

For today, there’s talk of wobbly tooths, sunshine and a hot chocolate picnic on the beach. All under a powerful sky, to the backdrop of the mountains of Co. Kerry, Ireland. Ordinary stuff. Ordinary, beautiful stuff.

Your Spring day to enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Just a Spring Day

  1. angeldown15

    I love how you show such appreciation for all the good stuff, when there must be bad stuff too (occasionally?) Well done for your sunny, positive attitude! (Now to fix my own whinging one!) Lol ­čśë

    Spiky Spring hugs from The Hedgehog x


    1. annebennettbrosnan Post author

      Ah look, there’s plenty to complain about but in farming, there are so many variables that you can but hold a positive outlook, well, actually that goes for life too. I’m no angel and do my fair share of complaining too, don’t worry Hedgehog!

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