The Peak

It’s been raining all day, that messy, drowning wet rain down on top of the farmers of Ireland. I’m sitting up waiting for the farmer of this house to come in for the evening and it’s half past midnight. Last night, he didn’t get in until midnight after a very long day, we sat and he ate a sandwich and he slept for an hour. There was a heifer to calf so he left and he didn’t arrive back into the house until 6am just in time for breakfast with his sons.

After Breakfast, straight out again to the farm whereon during milking, another cow calved and possibly one after. He left at midday for the mart and came back to find another cow had calved in his absence but luckily he had some help today. After dinner, it took two men to man the maternity ward as several cows calved at the same time. They milked the cows for the second time and fed the new calves while another cow calved. He’ll be in shortly (it’s 00:40) but there’s a heifer to calve (heifers are first timers who often need supervision as they are nervous and might also have complicated deliveries).

This is the busiest day of the season.

I never hear him complain. Ever.

6 thoughts on “The Peak

  1. Tara O' Kelly

    its not so busy here tonight as it is with the cows not so much surgery yesterday and all the Hearts are recovering and beating in relatively good rhythm in the cardiac intensive care unit. We can go home but your poor hubby keeps trucking on. I pray those fresian ladies give him a weekend reprieve for hugs and scones and lots of sleep.

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    1. annebennettbrosnan Post author

      I was there in the unit with you, how very beautiful. I hope you’re writing yourself Tara! Don’t worry, we’ll love after him. Happy Mother’s Day and Patrick’s Weekend combined! x



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