The Dream Team

I’d take a doctor, a nurse, a child minder, a housekeeper and brow mopper (if it’s not an actual occupation, it should be) right about now. After a week of dispensing medicine, singing soothing ‘don’t-be-sick’ songs and worrying, I have succumbed to a pretty awful infection myself.

The Doctor, a farmer’s wife herself, said ‘go to bed for a few days’ knowing that this was not an easy task on a dairy farm. I have been able to go to bed bar milking time in the morning which luckily coincides with the best TV schedules for children. Intuitively, my beauties know that mommy is sick, I can’t imagine what has given me away, and are minding me by not being too demanding and well, actually, mimicking their lovely mom and giving me the odd kiss on the forehead to make me feel better.

And then there’s the farmer who despite having to run his own business, is here being doctor, nurse, child minder, housekeeper and browmopper. On days like this, when I feel miserable, exhausted, down trodden, I wonder why we do this. Why we farm? Why we keep going through this despite the dropping milk and beef prices. That answer is for another day. Throwing off his wellies at the back door, my farmer puts on the kettle to make me a honey and lemon drink before looking after very small boys who are hungry and want to play. Back to bed I go.

6 thoughts on “The Dream Team

  1. Lorna

    I hope the cows are dry and his work day is getting shorter so he can get in more. Being sick with small kids is tough going and yes, Bob the Builder etc really come into their own.
    Have 2 kids poorly on sofa today and hoping I don’t get it!
    Hope you feel better soon.


  2. June

    Hope that honey and lemon drink did the trick. It’s so sweet that the kids are minding you. It’s amazing what a kiss on the forehead can do when you’re feeling low. Feel better soon. And please, PLEASE don’t give up farming – the world needs you!


    1. annebennettbrosnan Post author

      That moved me to tears June. Sick and just finished weaning the baby so very weepy too. There’ll be no moving the farmer off the farm! As many good days as bad so we re breaking even. Thanks for your lovely message!

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