Is it a bird?

Is it a plane? No, it’s Superboy and boy. Little did I think when I bought that light red silk scarf or that red and fushia pink chequered cashmere scarf (this is important) that they would be used to save the world from my kitchen.

All I want is my Sunday morning coffee. For that coffee, I need to get around planet Krypton, over the burst damn, avoid flying red swooshes circumnavigating the kitchen table to get to the coffee maker. On the way, I’m grabbed to the refrains of ‘I’ve gotcha girl.’ Lovely, I always saw myself as Lois Lane but I’m not sure Lois envisaged writing a blog whilst hiding from Superboys. Not very Daily Planet  is it?

Just one more step and I’m about to lower the lever. But no, it’s Lex Luthor, he needs his nappy changed. No, Lex, you’ll never catch Superman, he’s gone out to milk the cows. I’ll change it. About now, I’m as bitter as the elusive coffee as I can almost taste the coffee rush. It’s within my reach. If only, if only. Da,da,da,da,daaaa,daa,daa,daa, da,da,da,da,daaaaa,da,daa,daaaaaa. ‘Come fly with me Lois and I’ll never let you go.’ Foiled again. But hey, I get to be Lois, if only for a while.

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