Sun Sneezes

The cows are grazing to the West of the farm. And so with my four month old in his sling facing forward, I wondered into the setting sun on a lazy September evening to bring the cows home to milk. At his first sight of these black and white masses in front of him, the little one dances with delight, arms and legs wriggling to the gentle bellows of these beautiful animals.
There is no need for the ‘how, how, how’ of the farmer’s call to milk. No rush, the year is ours now to spend as we wish. Circling the cows in slow motion from the periphery of the field, we herd them gently towards the parlour. In a slow shuffle behind the cows on the dusty farm road, we are not unlike an elderly couple waltzing. It’s a dance with my little boy as he sneezes at the setting sun.

2 thoughts on “Sun Sneezes

  1. Lorna

    It’s been an amazing summer, we actually need rain for the most recent grass seeds and grass is still growing so well. Having said that, Brian visited a dry farm today and they have been feeding silage since June!


    1. annebennettbrosnan Post author

      We were just talking about it this morning Lorna, Dan says there’s just the sign of drought now but we have fairly wet land (which is normally a curse) so we’ve escaped with a good year. Rain started here – it’s on it’s way!



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