In Praise of the Sponge Cake

You know those Sponge cakes that smell of yellow, they are so full of fresh eggs. Eggs that are beaten into local creamery butter (because you have to support the local creamery) and castor sugar. Eggs that soak up the sifted flour and baking powder and that flirt with anyone who smells them baking in the hot oven.

And you just have to heat the strawberry jam and when just warm, you have to add fresh chopped strawberries. And when sponge and jam are cooled, you just pour jam on your lower sponge and top it off with whipped (not overwhipped) cream on top. Best to have little boys watching this bit for maximum dramatic effect, jaws dropped.  Spongy bedmate placed on top and sprinkled with icing sugar.

This is beaten in minutes, baked in twenty; friends, family, children and husbands will remember you in their wills or at the very least, will remember you for the lovely sponge you made on the day they came to visit, started school, needed a friend, or lost a calf.  According to the Hearthill School of Thought, there is nothing a ‘dirty’ Sponge cake won’t solve. Lastly, throw on the kettle and slice.

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